QR Codes -Are you using them?








What is a QR code?

  • Small blocks of code that contain data
  • You can scan the QR code with your Smart phone’s reader and it redirects to a specific website, text box or more
  • To download a reader go to Google and type in “QR Code Reader”

In short, a QR code is an easy, inexpensive call-to-action to add to a direct mail piece that takes advantage of the exploding popularity of Smart Phones.

Uses for QR Codes

  • Virtual coupons for retail stores
  • Redirect to website, video or mobile friendly landing page that continues the marketing campaign
  • Embed a map so your potential customers can find your location
  • Personalized URL’s
  • Text boxes for more information, such as using them on menus
  • Embed a schedule for conferences, tradeshows or meetings
  • Use them on your business card







If you would like to talk with me about creating a QR Code for your next direct mail campaign email me at don@neslonprint.com


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