Chocolate for your “Sweeteeth”!

Happy Holidays!

Every year Nelson Printing likes to show appreciation to our customers with a bit of sweet chocolate.  This year we chose to be creative and slightly edgy by supporting one of our favorite clients. We teamed up with Eric “Johnny” Battles, chocolatier and founder of Sweeteeth of North Charleston to create a one of a kind sweet holiday gift for our clients; Sweeteeth chocolate bars. Of the seven mouthwatering flavors Sweeteeth offers we chose to provide our clients with O-Snap, The A’Chocolypse, Cinnapsis and their #1 flavor Sea is for Caramel.  These bars aren’t just your basic milk and white chocolate; they are a goodness of unexpected flavors such as ginger snaps, cocoa liquor with dried apples and candied pecans, candied ginger, and sea salt. Mmmm…chocolate is so YUMMY!


 About Sweeteeth: Sweeteeth was started in 2008 by Eric “Johnny” Battles, a tattooed Alabama  boy and self-taught chocolatier. Johnny began experimenting with chocolate while working at  EVO Pizza in North Charleston, SC. His bon-bons soon appeared on the dessert menu and quickly  became a hit. It wasn’t long before other shops started carrying Johnny’s chocolates, so he  decided to dedicate all his efforts to his craft, which is making mouths across the country happy.  Johnny’s partner, Christina Vandiver, works on the business and PR side. With big dreams and grand schemes, this Upcountry-Lowcountry team seeks to satisfy sweet teeth all across the country while maintaining the original handmade quality and charm Sweeteeth has always been known for. You can see videos of Johnny making chocolate on Sweeteeth’s website and order your very own mouthwatering treats for your sweet teeth!


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