Full Color Digital Printing Explained

Some of the direct mail campaigns we manage and produce for clients involves full color digital printing — so let’s talk today about what exactly this print technology is.

As you can see above, a digital printing press is like a glorified copier machine. In technical terms, the process involves the reproduction of a digital image(s) on a physical surface like paper.

Unlike traditional printing — like offset printing — digital printing doesn’t require plates. As a result, the set-up costs are less making it more economical for short-run projects. More importantly, this enables very detailed personalization. i.e. every piece can be different…or the recipient’s name spelled out in the artwork like written in sand, etc.

From an environmental perspective, full color digital printing wastes less chemicals and paper because the set-up doesn’t involve adjusting the color, registration and positioning. Less paper is also wasted because digital printing is perfect for on demand projects — meaning, you only print what you need.

The two main downsides to digital printing, however, are quality and price. The quality is not yet up to par with traditional printing…but this is quickly changing. And second, the price on large-run projects is usually cost-prohibitive…but this too is improving.

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