A Sweet note from Joey’s Sweet Treats

It is always great to get thank you notes from happy clients.

These cookies lasted about 30 minutes, they are GOOD!


Emily Chess and I met when she worked a Lululemon; her family has started a cookie business this year and we have been helping them bring joy to lots of mouths with their Joey’s Sweet Treat Cookies.

We provide them with all their labels, info cards and other marketing materials.


I am not sure if you can read the note, but is says…

“Happy Holidays! Thank you for everything you and Nelson Printing helped us with in 2012! We feel lucky to have such a great printing supplier and look forward to 2013! Have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy the sweet treats!”

Their Gift Tins are a BIG hit and a great way to say Thank You!

Contact them if you would like to order some for your clients.


Have a Wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!



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